We are a German agency with Japanese roots,

a European mindset and a global network.

The beginning

With our roots already established in Japan, we were founded in Germany in 1977. Our first home was in Düsseldorf. The location kept us close to our then predominately Japanese customers, but also to the fantastic local Japanese community. Most importantly, however, it put us right at the heart of the German advertising community of the 70s and 80s.


The present

Today, our company is based in Frankfurt am Main. And here, too, we are right at the centre of a vibrant media and advertising hotspot of Germany.
As a full-service advertising and marketing agency with 15 full-time employees and an additional office in Mönchengladbach, we offer German and international customers a wide range of solutions for all their communication needs.

The approach

Our work is not restricted to local boundaries. As a member of the agency network Hakuhodo Europe Business Center, we participate in all the important European markets.
With locations in the UK, France and Russia, we can do more than think beyond boundaries: we can precisely target the individual needs of each market and act accordingly.

The network

From Europe, it's only a small step to the entire world. Hakuhodo Deutschland GmbH is also part of the international agency network Hakuhodo Inc. based in Tokyo, Japan.

And so we certainly benefit from close, efficient collaboration with over 11,000 employees in 68 offices in 17 countries worldwide. Everyone shares in the benefits, most importantly our customers!

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European offices of the Hakuhodo network:
UK: Southpaw TW., Kent
Russia: Hakuhodo Russia, Moscow

Strategic partners: 
Germany: Serviceplan Group
UK: Unlimited Group

Hakuhodo worldwide:
Headquarter, Japan: 
Hakuhodo, Tokyo
Hakuhodo global: Hakuhodo Global

We are a German agency with Japanese roots, a European mindset and a global network.

Our job: to create excitement for our clients’ brands, products and topics.

We are “The One Closer”. Closer to what matters most. To the clients, the markets, the people.