We are “The One Closer”. Closer to what matters most. To the clients, the markets, the people.

Services: What does Hakuhodo offer?

In Germany, Hakuhodo can look back on many years of making substantial contributions to the success and sustainability of many companies and brands.
Our range of services covers the full spectrum of modern communications. What sets us apart, however, is our goal. We have set for ourselves that target of always being closer: To people. To brands. To the markets. And of course to the bespoke solution just for you. That's why our motto is “The One Closer!”

Disciplines: What team is needed?

Different tasks need different solutions, as well as different teams and expertise. We put our teams together according to the task and what's needed. We prize interdisciplinary approaches, with each looking beyond his or her own special field (or IT niche). Our flat hierarchy and quick processes ensure smooth and effective workflows. With a mix of specialists and enthusiastic generalists, we are more flexible, effective and always closer to where you need to go.

  • Consultants: focus on the big picture, communicate with customers and keep a watch over time and money; they are the interface between the customer and creatives/implementers.
  • Strategists: analyse the market, brands and consumers; develop strategies as the basis for concrete measures; prepare scenarios and forecasts.
  • Creatives: develop ideas and drafts, design and formulate; ultimately put your message in the ideal form.
  • Implementers: print, build, program and make real.

All put together, Hakuhodo can offer:
Insights that make the difference. 

Strong brands have a truly special power: they make people happy. And that makes them desirable, valuable and, in the end, profitable. Yet strong brands don't just serve needs. They support an internal, universal and essentially human drive: the pursuit of happiness.

At Hakuhodo, we view consumers from a unique perspective – and have our own special methodology for generating insights.
Both traditional and modern approaches of planning and research consider how attitudes, feelings and behaviours have a direct relationship with brands.
We, however, look at what people do to be happy – and how brands can contribute to this. The result of our approach is real out-of-the-box thinking, because it does not follow any cookie-cutter process, and cannot be tied down.

We call it “sei-katsu-sha”, a Japanese word for “a person living life”, which reflects that target groups are more than simple consumers with a pure economic function.

Over years of experience spanning many geographic regions and product categories, Hakuhodo has built up a wealth of cases, tools and best practices.
We also founded the “Institute of Life and Living” to study and decode the basic elements of “sei-katsu-sha” and human happiness.
People who work with Hakuhodo quickly learn that this not just another one of your typical agency philosophies. It is crystallised in a question that pervades our daily working lives, that is asked in each stage of a project, and that drives us forward: “Measured on the scale of human happiness, how far can your brand go?”


Who has relied on our approach?

We are a German agency with Japanese roots, a European mindset and a global network.

Our job: to create excitement for our clients’ brands, products and topics.

We are “The One Closer”. Closer to what matters most. To the clients, the markets, the people.




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